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Our prices include Fully Synthetic Oil

From £161 - 170 inc Vat
From £253-260 inc Vat
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Unlike some sites which advertise a lower price and then add the upgraded oil price. with our pricing what you see is what you pay.

  • Interim Service from just £161 - £170 inc Vat
  • Full Service from just £253 - £260 inc Vat
  • Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years regardless of mileage
  • Fuel filters should be changed every 2 years regardless of mileage
  • Our FULL service Package includes a  Fuel Saving Service to help improve your MPG and reduce carbon build-up which causes many problems particularly with short stop start driving.

For any information on our DPF & Carbon Cleaning services that we offer in Tonbridge click here.

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If you have any questions about any of our car service or servicing options please contact us on 01732 350500 or complete our contact form.

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