Process Overview

Car control

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a computer that controls almost every aspect of the engine in your vehicle.

The default settings, or maps as they are known, are not necessarily the best they could be for you as a driver, as manufacturers tend to sell their cars around the world and have to take into account different climates, fuel qualities and laws when they program the software.

Some manufacturers have also been known to limit the performance of a particular car through the ECU so they can release a faster model at a later date.

Greater performance

Remapping is intended to make the most of your car by updating the ECU’s default settings with new software which will be programmed to increase the car’s overall performance.

Previously, the process was called ‘chipping’ and involved the removal of the main microchip from the ECU, which was then replaced with a modified chip. Happily those days are gone as we can now up date the software 'in place' without removing any of the components.

Speed and power

Once the remapping process is complete you should notice an immediate improvement in the speed and power of your car.

Some remappers claim an increase in horsepower of between 30 and 40bhp and in torque of up to 80nm.

The engine will also be more responsive, so it will be easier to overtake, for example. You might also find that you don’t have to change gear as frequently, boosting the number of miles to the gallon.

After service care

All remapping work comes with a no quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You are also covered by our lifetime software warranty whilst you own the car. If a dealer over writes the software we will install it again for you free of charge.

Damage to the engine is rare, but you should always choose a reputable firm to carry out the remapping.

Bear in mind, though, that some cars cannot be remapped, usually because they are too old. If you car was manufactured before 2000, you might have difficulty, but it all depends on the make and model of the vehicle.