Exhaust Performance

The Exhaust system on a vehicle is an often a misunderstood part of the engine. It does a lot more than just remove the waste gasses as modern exhaust systems are centered around increasing overall engine performance, lowering gas emissions, and reducing external noise.

Determining the optimal exhaust system for your vehicle takes a fair amount of diagnostic work but can lead to a better overall drive performance, smoother handling and lower emissions. The majority of work around exhaust systems stems from the desire to increase overall engine power. By drawing the exhaust gasses away from the engine in an optimal fashion new air is allowed to flow into the system and feed the engine. This in itself will increase the efficiency of the engine.

We can run diagnostic tests on your engine and exhaust system to determine how efficient your current system is and how we can improve it by replacing the exhaust pipes or simply calibrating the engine or ECU unit for the vehicle.

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