Engine Re-mapping

As well as the regular vehicle servicing, MOTs, and diagnostics and repair work we also own state of the art software and hardware to undertake engine Engine Control Unit (ECU) remapping. By analysing and adjusting the settings in the ECU we can alter the behaviour of the vehicle and provide anything from increased fuel saving to enhanced performance - or something in between. Depending on the age of the vehicle we can either connect directly to the ECU unit and ajust the settings in place or, in some vehicles, remove the unit from the car and work on it in isolation before returning it to the engine bay.

Why should I have my ECU unit remapped?

Adjusting the ECU settings on a car can drastically improve either the performance or the fuel economy of the engine without having to replace or adjust any of the physical parts of the engine or exhaust system. As such we can monitor and adjust the settings to gain the ideal trade off of performance, efficiency and wear depending on the age of the car as well as what you hope to achieve by the work.

Remapping an ECU in an older vehicle, for example, can give the car a sharper, smoother and more responsive feel which generally results in a more pleasurable drive. Equally we can often remap the ECU unit to save fuel over the brand scale of the engine. If you run a fleet of vehicles you could find that remapping each one could both save you fuel as well as general engine wear over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Engine remapping graph - Engine Re-mapping