Keys and Remotes Tonbridge
Keys and Remotes Tonbridge

Keys and Remotes


With the advancing key technology, and the period of time it can take to get a new key from the main dealers, Nev'll Fix It Ltd has invested in new state of the art key cutting and coding equipment to compliment the extensive range of services that we offer our customers.

We can now cut most vehicle keys either to pattern or to a code if required, if you lose your keys and have the key code then we can cut you a new key whilst you wait.

Should we not hold the key within our extensive stock then this can usually be obtained next day not 5-10 days that some dealers quote.

If you do not have the code then we can obtain this, or decode the lock and cut a new key and then along with our extensive main dealer level diagnostic equipment, code a new key back to the vehicle.

With some cars if you are in a total key loss situation the dealer will need to fit a new Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and a new lock set for ignition and doors, this can in a lot of cases come to in excess of a £1000.00, at Nev'll fix it we have the expertise to remove the old ECU extract the code and program new keys back to the car, which costs far less.

So before you go to a dealership and pay £1000.00 plus for Ecus and Locksets give us a call and we will do our best to help.

Our Suggestion would be to ALWAYS HAVE TWO KEYS as they can fail at any time.


Many Keys once programmed to a car CANNOT be re-used electronically, generally a new blade is fitted and sold to the unwary, and this can be cut but WILL NOT START the car.

All modern keys have sophisticated electronic chips that also vary from model years, even though they look the same they may not be.