Haldex Servicing & Repairs in Tonbridge with Nev'll Fix It

If you have a 4 Wheel Drive car; whether it’s Volvo AWD, VAG Group, Land Rover, or Ford It's very likely that your car uses the Haldex four-wheel-drive system. That means that the Haldex unit should have its oil changed regularly

Do I need a Haldex oil change?

Haldex oil is very specific and encourages friction between the surfaces of the multi-plate clutch setup. This friction causes particles of friction material to build up within the oil therefore contaminating the oil and filter.

The 4-wheel drive system is designed to run with a specific oil. The Haldex pump provides oil pressure, which activates the Rear or Front four-wheel drive clutches when required. If the filter or oil strainer clogs up, the unit will become ineffective or non-functional leading to potentially expensive repairs or in extreme cases a new unit costing £1000s.

Oil Change Interval

A Haldex oil service should be carried out every 20,000 for the later Gen 5 units or 35-40,000 miles for
Gen 2 - 4. For vehicles without a filter, (GEN-5) it is even more important as no filter is fitted and the pump strainer can become blocked.

The Cost?

Unfortunately, the price will vary depending on what system your vehicle uses. Some vehicles have an Oil Filter Others a strainer instead of a filter, which requires a different type of care.

What Next

Call us on 01732 350500 With your vehicle registration, we will then check the chassis number to enable correct identification of unit fitted and from that point, we can give you a FIXED price to service the unit.