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Lifetime Warranty on Maxxis Tyres

Tyres for passenger cars and light trucks are now covered by EU labelling laws which display, at a glance, how the tyre performs across a set number of tests. The labels themselves look very much like the ones already used for household appliances and should provide an easier and more transparent way of comparing vehicle tyres.

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Two Year Warranty

Your car exhaust should be checked for damage or other issues on a regular basis to ensure that the vehicle runs both cleanly and efficiently. Damage, rust or general wear and tear can all shorten the life of a vehicle's exhaust pipe. A qualified engineer at Nev'll Fix It can quickly determine the condition of your exhaust system and any work that is needed to get the car back on the road again.

As exhaust systems get more complex with the drive to lower vehicle emissions it is important that you have your exhaust system checked at least once a year or every 10,000 km, whichever comes first.

The perfect source of power for every car

S5/S4/S3: Optimum starting power for every car
The Bosch S5, S4 and S3 batteries offer first-class Bosch quality for a wide range of requirements and vehicle types. They stand out for a longer service life and their excellent cold starting power.
S5 is the powerhouse for recent car models with several electrical consumers.
S4 ensures a powerful start for all types of vehicles.
S3 is the economical solution for many older cars.

Full power for Stop/Start Cars

S5 A with AGM technology and PowerFrame®
Peak power for cars with start/stop system and regenerative
braking system (recuperation).
S4 E with EFB technology, PowerFrame® and labyrinth lid
Reliable performance for vehicles with start/stop system and
numerous electrical consumers.
S5 with PowerFrame® technology and labyrinth lid
Powerhouse for vehicles of more recent model years or high-end
vehicles with many electrical consumers.
S4 with PowerFrame® technology and labyrinth lid
For a powerful start in all vehicle classes –
also for asian models.