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Tyre Labelling Laws

The European Parliament has recently voted in favour of a labling system for Tyres similar to that applied to Washing Machines and Refrigerators

The labels will become mandatory in November 2012 and it is hoped that it will help consumers when trying to decide which tyre to buy by indicating the Tyres rating in three key areas.



The Fuel effciency is indicated by Labels A to G, in which A, B and C are green (GOOD) through to E,Fand G which are yellow,Orange and Red (POOR) Fuel Efficiency is Measured as rolling resistance at 50mph the lower te score the better the rating. D remains blank at the moment


Again using the A-G system the tyres are rated on how far they travel when slowing down from 50 mph to 12 mph in wet condtions.

A bench mark was set and the percentage of the distance traveled was calculated

  • Tyres that stop between 10-24% short of the mark are labeled E
  • Tyres that stop between 25-39% short of the mark are labeled C
  • Tyres that stop between 40-54% short of the mark are labeled B
  • Tyres that stop 55% or more in front of the mark will be label A
  • D and G will remain blank for now


The External rolling noise(the noise experienced by the surroundings, not the driver)will be indicated by an Icon of a Loud speaker and a number the indicates The Performance for Instance 68 for a 68db result.


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