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What can be achieved by performance ECU remapping?

Before we do anything to your vehicle we take a close look at the age, condition and existing performance of the vehicle's engine and determine, along with you, what we can realistically achieve. Overall improvements in the engine's break horse power (BHP) can range from 5 BHP for a family saloon to 50 BHP for a sports vehicle.

Typically we see a marked improvement in the overall performance and responsiveness of the engine across the full power range. A remapped engine will feel more responsive, sharper and generally more alive.

Why isn't my vehicle already tuned for optimal performance?

Vehicle manufacturers often have to ship their vehicles all over the world and contend with various fuel and lubricant types and of varying quality. The import country's climate can also play a big factor in how the manufacturer tunes and sets benchmarks for their engines. As such many engines will end up being governed by a core sent of Engine Control Unit (ECU) values regardless of where the vehicle is being used. Manufacturers will also adjust ECU levels to obtain either the power or fuel economy levels that they need to get the vehicle into a particular market.