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Poor Servicing and Carbon buildup

The images below are just a Small selection of what we see in the workshop and endeaver to clean to restore correct operation of the engine.

The Problem today is that due to long service intervals recommended by the manufacturer based on trying to sell the car to lease companies, and the short shop start driving done by the majority of us today leads to the enclosed.

In an effort to bring emmisions down and make for a environmetally better world the engines are designed with what is know as lean burn technology, which in some cars involves 4 different fuelling stratagies based on throttle position, engine speed, road speed and many sensors and flaps, so this in turn requires better maintainance which unfortunatly does not happen.

IF you are doing approx 10.000 miles a year with a great amount of motorway work as per the reps then generally all will be well but with high street driving school runs and shopping this does not happen and so the cleaning proccesses build into the vehicle know as regeneration does not occure as the catalytic converter (Cat) or the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) never reaches the required tempurature of 350 deg +.

This then leads to build up of carbon in all areas of the engine and exhaust system and causes some serious problems, which leads to EXCESS fuel consumption, poor running, and disintegration of componants. Picure 10 is a manifold on a BMW that melted.


There are numerous grades of oil and manufaturers are contantly changing them so there is NO ONE OIL for all cars and even the same model could have different oil based on engine code, which is why we check every time and offer a lifetime gaurantee on the oil we use. in fact in our workshop last count there were 20 engine oils alone.


SERVICE EVERY 6000 miles even if only an oil change and BG Flush

Here at Nevll Fix It we have spent many years and hours researching a product that will assist with the cleaning and prevention of the above and the product we now use and have done for some years is made by a company called BG ( This is an American company that has had phenominal success with there chemicals because THEY WORK.

The products that you buy in places like Halfords etc are NOTHING like BG because of the checmical compositions and H&S.

When you book a service with us we ALWAYS reccommend a BG service pack, this is not about us making money as we make very little, its about us caring and wanting to offer our customers the best out there. the company is that confident in there ability that they are prepared to offer a free 100000 mile waranty if you maintian as specified and continue to use the product at each service.

before BG Clean
After BG Clean
carbon blockage
carbon exhaust blockage
IMG 2270
IMG 2268
IMG 2134
IMG 1334
IMG 1332
IMG 2271